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Safety and Customer Service

is our number one priority.

We are here to assist buyers through the

entire process from selecting the right floor plan, choosing exterior finishes and making sure Safety is the utmost important during all stages of the process.

We are proud to tell you that our Safety record has been outstanding for all 18 years we have been in business.




Vis-Star is a proud member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association and National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) certified.

Vis-Star is a proud member of 

Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA), Alberta’s partner in construction safety. Vis-Star has been a member since 2004 (18 years).

Based off COR standards,

Vis-Star provides Health and Safety Management System (HSMS), meeting provincial standards established by Alberta Occupational Health and Safety.


Vis-Star has completed the CSTS course through FMCA, providing  the Vis-Star team  with practical skills and proven prevention strategies to stay safe on the job.

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